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Case Study

Case Study: Datastar USA

Learn how Datastar USA Successfully Grew their Service Offering from Regional to Nationwide

About This Case Study

DataStar USA launched a project with 10 to 20 pilot sites across two weeks, and shortly thereafter, began tackling 300 sites per week for the next two months. Needless to say, the project – for a regional company – was daunting.

Every week, DataStar USA would conduct 300 site surveys, go back to the same location to conduct 300 installations, and go back a third time to provide low voltage support for some locations. They had to find a solution to empower their regional company to ramp-up for a nationwide reach, and all within the matter of days.

You'll Learn

How DataStar USA built an on-demand workforce to manage workers at over 2,400 different sites
How Work Market helped cut costs, time and operational inefficiencies throughout their nationwide project



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What People Have Said About Our Solution

"Using these tools, we didn’t need to scale internal administrative teams. Instead, we maintained our administrative costs and used Work Market’s bulk tools to manage large projects eciently – completing hours worth of work in just minutes."
     - Steve Speidel, COO of DataStar USA