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Case Study

Case Study: Shopguard

How Shopguard Reduced Labor Costs and Slashed Response Times Using Work Market

About This Case Study

The Shopguard team was using a third-party service provider to assist with on-site product installations and maintenance across the U.S. The company struggled to cover various regions of the U.S. market and technicians took weeks to complete a service installation. Unfortunately, the service provider struggled on multiple fronts. Eager to generate some momentum and establish a foothold in the U.S. market, Shopguard decided to give the Work Market software a try.

You'll Learn How To

Slash response times by more than 75%
Cut service visit costs by more than 10%

Reduce the time it took to assign work by more than 50%





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What People Have Said About Our Solution

"With Work Market, we were able to curate a reliable workforce of skilled contractors that helped us dramatically improve work quality."
     - Tanya Perry, VP of U.S. Sales & Operations, Shopguard