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Gaining True 1099 Workforce Visibility

How Work Market Provides Proper Visibility into On-Demand Workforce

About This Solutions Guide

The benefits of deploying a flexible, on-demand workforce are well-documented. On-demand workers allow businesses of all sizes to acquire new skills sets, adjust to market fluctuations and optimize annual labor costs. What global executive wouldn’t want that?  

You'll Learn How To

Comply with IRS labor regulations
Track and manage freelancers and on-demand talent
Understand labor costs & control rogue spend 



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Work Market provides an end-to-end SaaS solution to help companies manage their on-demand workforces. Using Work Market companies find high-quality, independent contractors and freelancers, manage their work, scale their businesses, drive efficiencies, and enable quality work outcomes. To learn more about Work Market, or to try it today, please visit us at