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How VARs and MSPs are Managing an On-Demand Workforce

Leveraging Work Market

About This Webinar

Shrinking margins, rising costs, intensifying competition. The current IT services landscape resembles a perfect storm. What is the key to survival for today's VARs and MSPs? Building an agile workforce that can adapt to unpredictable market conditions.

You'll Learn How VARs & MSPs

Find pre-vetted, certified technicians around the country

Manage hundreds of techs from a single platform

Increase regional coverage and drive growth in new markets




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Work Market provides an end-to-end SaaS solution to help companies manage their on-demand workforces. Using Work Market companies find high-quality, independent contractors and freelancers, manage their work, scale their businesses, drive efficiencies, and enable quality work outcomes. To learn more about Work Market, or to try it today, please visit us at www.workmarket.com.

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