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The Guide to Finding & Managing an On-Demand Workforce

 Tips for Using On-Demand Marketplaces, Improving Compliance, and Leveraging Technology

About This Whitepaper

The world of work has changed. The traditional relationship between employer and employee is evolving as technology, globalization, and regulations disrupt the labor market. The most dramatic shift has been the rise of the on-demand economy. The following is a guide that addresses many of the issues you need to consider in building your own on-demand workforce.

You'll Learn

How you can leverage technology to manage an on-demand workforce from end-to-end
Why labor marketplaces are the best way to find on-demand talent

How to properly manage and classify independent contractors

Insight into the current landscape of online staffing platforms




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Work Market Tip:
Use groups. Grouping your on-demand workforce simplifies the overall management process. By placing individuals in groups based on skills or credentials, you can manage the process in a few clicks, from onboarding to payment, for any size workforce.