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SIA Report: The Rise of Freelancer Management Systems

 How the Latest Technology Can Help Manage Your On-Demand Workforce

About This Whitepaper

More businesses have started turning to freelancers and independent contractors than ever before. Organizations have found that freelancers and ICs allow them to scale an on-demand workforce, access new talent pools, and pursue new market opportunities. Work Market’s freelance management framework is being adopted as the foundational requirement for Freelance Management Systems (FMS), according to a new report from Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA).

You'll Learn How To

What is a Freelancer Management System (FMS)?
How does an FMS fit into an on-demand workforce strategy?
How do businesses use FMS software to scale an on-demand workforce?

How does an FMS compare to a Vendor Management System?




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What SIA Say About FMS

"At the core of an FMS offering is a viable technology platform that a business can use to initiate, manage, complete, track and analyze engagements with individual independent workers."
     -David Francis, SIA Research Associate