"There is a better way to do it — find it.” - Thomas Edison

With so many American workers strapped to jobs and responsibilities that don’t truly value their skills and talents, there simply must be a better way to work. And there is. Thanks to advances in technology and the digitalization of our culture, automation and AI are revolutionizing when, where and how we work.

WorkMarket’s 2020 In(Sight) Report: What AI & Automation Really Mean for Work reveals how automation and AI are liberating workforces from outdated business models. This exclusive report, developed in partnership with NYU Professor Arun Sundararajan, offers valuable insights for industry leaders looking to modernize their workforces and transform their businesses.

Automation & AI: Exploring the Future of Work in America


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Time 78% of business leaders claim could be saved per year through automation


Respondents who say automation improves work quality and efficiency

Time 53% of employees believe they can save annually through automation

240 Hours

360 Hours

90% Consensus