Best Practices for Organizing, Managing and Paying Your Freelance Workforce

Any business utilizing freelancers or independent contractors at scale needs to ensure they're adhering to local, state and federal laws around how they manage and pay their 1099s. 

Those that don't risk being subjected to lawsuits, government audits and tax liabilities and penalties. 

This new "How To Guide" details how Freelance Management Systems (FMS) like WorkMarket provide execs with tools needed to manage workforce compliance, including: 

  • Reporting & Audit Trails
  • Automated Engagement Rules
  • Tax Filing Services

• How WorkMarket labor clouds allow you to automatically manage quality & compliance 

• Basic engagement rules that should govern how you decide to classify your contractors

• Why our "Set It & Forget It" feature (no manual intervention required) is so popular

A How-To Guide


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