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What’s the Prognosis for Medical Device Field Service in 2018?

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A single MRI machine can be down as much as 30 to 60 hours per year. This means up to $180,000 in annual losses for hospitals.

This year we'll see extreme cost-sensitivity and the need for hyper-responsiveness throughout the healthcare market. New FDA-issued regulations, hospital closures and consolidations are changing the landscape for OEMs and service providers.

To stay competitive, businesses like yours must transition to a flexible service delivery model.

This exclusive whitepaper—Medical Device Field Services: Trends Impacting Delivery in 2018—details how field service models for medical device providers are becoming more sophisticated with the use of automation, analytics and artificial intelligence.

The Labor Cloud Revolution

What's a labor cloud you may be asking? It's a curated network of professionals -- which could span freelancers, vendors and employees -- organized around work-specific criteria. You can build a labor cloud to augment your marketing team or one for certified Cisco techs in Atlanta. 

Leading retailers, such as Walgreens, have started leveraging labor clouds to modernize their field service operation. In a few short months, the company has been able to reduce its service delivery costs 20% while spiking customer satisfaction scores 40%. 

Download this new eBook today and learn how labor clouds are increasingly becoming the new normal for top retailers. 







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