What is Work Market 

Work Market provides an end-to-end SaaS solution to help companies manage the freelance workstream. Using Work Market companies find high-quality independent contractors and freelancers, manage their work, scale their businesses, drive efficiencies, and enable quality work outcomes. To learn more about Work Market, or to try it today, please visit us at www.workmarket.com.


Why pair WorkMarket with ServiceNow? 


Platform is limited to managing contractors and freelancers only
PPN’s (Preferred Provider Network) enable buyers to create lists of technicians but don’t have the functionality of talent pools. They lack intuitive workflows and each account is limited to just 1 PPN. 
Match-based search tool is inflexible and therefore limited in capability. Information in a worker profile including skills and qualifications can only be matched against pre-defined categories such as “Internet Connectivity”, “Motherboard” and “Hard Drive”.
Mobile app is yet to be fully integrated with their platform, has limited functionality
No vendor management tool
No Client Access Portal or other feature with similar functionality
Less than 50,000 workers in marketplace
Not a MuleSoft Certified Connector, API 

Manages entire mosaic of labor (W-2s, freelancers, IC’s, temps, alumni etc.)

Manages numerous sets of workers in smart, dynamic talent poolsdriven by intelligent automation, no limit per account.

Keyword search is a versatile and powerful tool. All information in a worker profile, even within a resume, is scraped to provide relevant results.

Native mobile app, recently redesigned for a much cleaner user experience

Client Access Portala unique feature that enables our customers to give their clients insight into the creation and status of their assignments. Optimized for mobile.

Robust compliance and payment engine

Over 150,000 workers in marketplace

MuleSoft Certified Connector provides powerful integration capability with over 120 enterprise applications including Workday, Autotask, ServiceNow, ConnectWise and Salesforce.

“I loved the fact I could get full visibility into my workforce and forecast my 1099 spend throughout the year.”

- Tom Voss, Tech Americas CEO

Build and scale your flexible workforce

Trusted by businesses across the globe.

Amplify ServiceNow with On-Demand Labor

A snapshot comparison of software quality and capability

All of your labor

(W-2's, freelancers

IC's, temps, alumni etc.)

Some of your labor

(contractors and freelancers only)

Static talent pools - PPN's (Preferred 

Provider Network) lack intuitive 

workflows and each account is limited 

to just 1 PPN.

Smart, dynamic talent pools -

driven by intelligent automation,

no limit per account.

Keyword search scans all

information in a worker profile.

Match-based search - information

in a profile can only be matched against 

pre-defined categories


Mobile app has limited functionality - 

not fully integrated with their platform


Native mobile app,

recerntly redisigned

Branded Client Portal -

provides robust vender tools

No branded portal/

vendor management tool



Not a Mulesoft Certified Connector, 

API integrations are limited


MuleSoft Certified Connector

provides integtration with Workday,

ServiceNow, Salesforce and more

Engage Vetted Workers

Build an Endless Bench

  • Curate talent pools by skill, location and client and select the right resource for each task
  • Engage vetted contingent workers and vendors from our marketplace 
  • Leverage built-in background checks, drug tests and custom exams to verify workers upfront
  • Ensure compliance with rules to cap the number of hours and assignments worked per month 

Pay Talent Seamlessly

  • Instant and electronic payments make paying your workforce, or getting paid, easier than ever
  • Get a full view of all transactions in ServiceNow and feed data to your financial system

Trace Every Step

  • Gain visibility of every action and exchange between the project manager and the fulfiller 
  • Enrich ServiceNow dashboards insights to measure investment and improve service delivery 

There's no need to buy ServiceNow licenses for your fulfillers

Your full-time employees, on-demand talent, vendors and alumni use the WorkMarket app to fulfill tasks. 
Every action is synced to ServiceNow so your business users stay up-to-date.

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