Compliance 101: Everything You Need To Know About Worker Classification

The IRS 20-Factor Test. The DOL’s revised compliance guidelines. The Uber lawsuit. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot going on with regards to worker classification in the on-demand economy. To make sense of all the noise, we’re turning to attorney William Hays Weissman from Littler Mendelson, the largest global employment and labor law practice. 

Join William and Work Market Co-Founder Jeff Wald on Feb. 25 as they debunk risk mitigation myths, clarify federal classification guidelines and provide a set of best practices for businesses looking to mitigate their risk when working with an on-demand workforce.

Jeff Wald is widely recognized as a thought leader on labor force evolution, he is a frequent speaker on the topic of modernizing workforces and the role of contingent labor. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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William Hays Weissman is an Employment Attorney at Littler Mendelson, the largest global employment and labor law practice with more than 1,000 attorneys in over 70 offices worldwide.

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