The number of Fortune 500 titans who have been tangled in legal disputes over the classification of their independent contractors continues to grow.  

This new report provides a comprehensive overview for businesses looking to mitigate their compliance risk when engaging an on-demand workforce. Topics covered include:

  • The cost of non-compliance and IRS penalties
  • Attributes of a 1099 contractor vs. W-2 employee
  • New guidelines from the Department of Labor
  • Classification best practices and more  

Worker Classification 101:
Everything You Need To Know About Compliantly Managing Your Contractors


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Since 2013, more than one third of mid-sized U.S. firms have been fined or penalized for non-compliance


Spent by the Department of Labor over the last 2 years to crack down on worker misclassification

The cost to a Fortune 50 retailer to settle its class action dispute related to the misclassification of its contractors

$10 million


$4 million